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Stop wasting time trying to organize ⚡️ power for your
Texas flag Texas building sites!

We'll chase your electric meter updates and fix any issues, saving you hours of hassle... FOR FREE in de-regulated areas (90% of Texas).


  • Request a temp meter in 60s
     from any utility, via one simple form.
  • Relax 🍹 as we organize the ESI-ID and meter install, resolve any issues, and email progress updates to you.
  • Request the perm meter in 1 click
  • Transfer to homeowner in 1 click.

Proud member of the Greater Houston Builders' Assocation Proud member of the Dallas Builders' Assocation Proud member of Texas Assocation of Home Builders Proud member of the National Association of Home Builders TAB Star Awards Winner 2023 for Best Business Solution

Texas electricity connections have always been super complicated...

Every utility has a different process to follow, then you never know what’s going on, so you call up and wait on hold again and again, then your build schedule starts to slip before you're even onsite...

It's a real pain in the butt.

So we launched UtilityOn.

We offer one simple, consistent process regardless of the utility, and handle all the tedious followup calls while you focus on more important work.

Our Texas-based support team have years of experience in electric meter connections, so we fix any problems quickly and reduce delays to your builds.

Plus you can track and manage all your meters in a simple online dashboard, and your whole team is automatically kept in the loop.

And our award-winning service is FREE in de-regulated areas (90% of Texas sites) because retailers cover our costs, not you.

We can also streamline your connections in Texas regulated areas for $125 per home.If you build exclusively in de-regulated areas we won't charge you any fees.

How it looks

UtilityOn is super easy to use, so you won't need any in-depth training.

App screens

Please note: The UtilityOn portal is constantly being updated, so features and user interface screen designs are subject to change.

How much will you save?

We save Builders around 3 hours 15 minutes of work per de-regulated site and over 6 hours for every regulated site.

This is the total time your team would otherwise spend, per build, on average, handling all aspects of the temporary & permanent electricity meter connections via multiple Utility websites, call centers, and processes.

These time savings add up when you're running more than a few sites at once...

Calculate your operational savings

UtilityOn eliminates the need for your team to:

ESI-ID icon
Request, record and submit ESI-IDs
plus request and followup scheduled installation dates.
Phone icon
Constantly chase progress updates
including frequently waiting on hold for extended periods.
Email icon
Deal with multiple email attachments
because all messages and files are neatly organized online.
Account icon
Waste time with Retailer accounts
thanks to our once-off Multi-Site Agreement (MSA).

And they also won't have to:

Frustrated icon
Fix regular time-consuming issues
such as complex request processes, city permits, site access and meter installation
Send icon
Manually update the whole team
because everyone receives progress emails & can access the online dashboard.
Archive icon
Document, maintain & share info
including multiple Utility logins, accounts, contacts and complex process notes.
Home owner icon
Arrange account closure or transfer
often requiring multiple calls to the home owner to avoid ongoing bills.

Just a few of our clients...

Due to commercial confidentiality, we can only show you a small selection of the Texas home builders who currently use our service:

...and what they think.

These are actual quotes from current users of our service...

Gracepoint Homes
“Before UtilityOn, we constantly had problems connecting and transferring the power. It was so bad that closing dates were sometimes put at risk.
Now everything runs much smoother because Jeremy and the UtilityOn team chase up everything for us.
We save heaps of time and they do it for free which is awesome."
Stephen Ramos
Construction Manager Gracepoint Homes, Magnolia TX
Morningstar Builders
“I really appreciate the constant updates on the process of getting power turned on, so I can update my project managers without spending unnecessary time on the phone with the electricity providers.
We are so thankful for the awesome service you provide!"
Angie Guinn
Office Manager Morning Star Builders, Houston TX
RM Quality Constructions
“Y’all are crazy if you don’t try UtilityOn. It costs nothing and takes away one of the most frustrating tasks when starting and finishing a build.
We get power on faster than ever while UtilityOn handles any problems and helps our clients sort out the power before move-in."
Tina M. Ellis
Construction Coordinator RM Quality Construction, Conroe TX
Nick Keating, Herzog Homes
"UtilityOn has been a tremendous time-saving service that allows us to concentrate on keeping projects moving forward and not have to worry if we will get utilities turned on."
Nick Keating
Construction Manager Herzog Homes, Houston TX
Renu Property Investments
"We love working with UtilityOn because of the organization, punctual assistance, and ability to make our lives easier.
Thank you for a smooth, simple process for requesting new meters, for working with the utility companies, and taking that time off my workload, as well as updating us on every single detail. We appreciate you!"
Traci Anderson
Administrator Renu Property Investments, Dallas TX

Unsolicited feedback

A few genuine, un-edited comments we've received from grateful Texas home builders

Wow, thanks for that info… it is amazing to me how different each city operates "
Thanks for all your help! "
Thanks for checking back "
Oh thank goodness. Thank you so much! "
You are AMAZING! Thank you !!! "
Thanks so much for doing that... there will be no disruption of service. "
Thankyou for the update "
I'm never calling in a meter again, just calling you "
Sounds like a winner to me "
Brother you're a lifesaver "
You're the fastest way to get power on "
You saved me so much time... I would normally be on the phone to reschedule "
The service was seamless "
We are well pleased with the service and appreciate all you're doing for us!  "

Fees and charges

No fees or charges are payable to UtilityOn in any de-regulated area (about 90% of Texas building sites).

We charge $125 per home in regulated areas where our costs are not offset by Retailer subsidies. Invoicing occurs once the meter installation is scheduled.

In both cases, you are still responsible for any Utility or Retailer fees and charges for the provision of the meter and/or services.


You can also browse our Help Center or ask us a question.

Free icon

Is UtilityOn really free?

Yes, our service is free to use in de-regulated areas covering 90% of the Texas population.

Connections in regulated areas (10% of Texas) attract a $125 /home fee as our costs in these areas are not subsidized by Retailer funding, and the level of process complexity is even higher.

You are of course responsible for any meter installation charges and electricity usage fees etc. , but our connection request, tracking, management & support service is completely free to use in de-regulated areas.

Help message icon

OK... so what's the catch?

Builders often ask how it's possible that our service can be provided at no cost in de-regulated areas, including our technology and expert Texas-based support team.

The simple answer is that energy retailers cover our costs in de-regulated areas, so that we can provide an outstanding customer experience on their behalf.

This saves the Retailer a large amount of time and money in developing and maintaining their own technlogy systems and support staff. And because new electricity connections are our entire business, we're 100% committed to making the whole process as easy as possible for builders like you.

This includes automating account transfer to the Home Owner as the closing date approaches if you wish. We find most builders appreciate this free "concierge" service as it's one less thing to worry about, plus ensures you're not paying the power bills any longer than you have to.

Utility icon

Which utilities do you work with?

UtilityOn works with every utility in Texas, so you can request, manage and track electricity meter connections in one place, using one simple process, no matter where you build across this great state.

De-regulated utilities
AEP North
AEP Central

Municipal, City, and Cooperative (regulated) Utilities
We have established relationships with the following utilities and can also request, manage and track meter connections in any other regulated area - please note, a-per home connection fee applies in regulated areas:

Austin Energy
Bluebonnet Electric Co-op
College Station Utilities
Denton Power Company
Farmers Electric Co-op
Magic Valley Electric Co-op
MidSouth Electric Co-op
Sam Houston Co-Op
San Bernard Electric Co-op

Power plug icon

How do I track the progress of each meter?

Each meter moves along this series of color-coded status tags:

Meter lifecycle status tags

...before you either close the Temp account (with optional Swingover to Perm):

Account close lifecycle status tags

...or transfer the Perm account to your Home Owner clients:

Account transfer lifecycle status tags

We keep you updated at each step via email, so you're always in the loop. But the easiest way to track every meter at a glance is via your dashboard connections list:

Dashboard showing list of meters

Import icon

Can I import electricity meters arranged outside UtilityOn?

Absolutely! It's super easy to import all your existing meters into UtilityOn so you can track and manage everything in the one place.

All your imported meters will benefit from access to our free expert support team too.

Just signup to UtilityOn then let us know you'd like to import your meters and we'll take it from there :-)

Savings calculator icon

How much time and money will I save with UtilityOn?

Based on real-world data from builders, you should save around 3 hours 15 minutes per de-regulated site, and over 6 hours for every site in regulated areas (with their increased complexity).

This is the total sum of all the time your team currently spends requesting, tracking, and managing the temporary and permanent meters for each site. There are multiple phone calls chasing progress updates, waiting on hold, multiple emails and attachments, permit wrangling, and resolving various other delays. Plus arranging and confirming account transfer to the home owner before closing day.

If the person doing this work earns an annual salary around $52,000, that means you're currently paying $112.67 in labor costs for every single de-regulated site just to arrange the electricity connection... and $225.33 per regulated site.

But UtilityOn will handle all this for you, for FREE in de-regulated areas.

So if you build 20 homes per year in de-regulated areas UtilityOn will save you $2,253 annually ($2,007 in regulated areas after fees).

For 100 home builds, you save $11,267 ($10,033 regulated).

For 500 home builds, you save $56,333. Every year. ($50,167 regulated). Every year.

And so on... Plus your builds start quicker, and your staff are happier and less stressed because they can focus on more important work instead of waiting on hold with the Utility.

These are typical real world figures, but feel free to use our simple savings calculator tool and adjust the time & cost inputs to reflect your own situation :

Calculate your savings

Trophy award icon

Have you won any industry awards?

Yes, we won "Best Business Solution" at the 2023 TAB Star Awards presented at the Sunbelt Builder's Show in Forth Worth, July 2023.

Our service was selected from many entrants of very high calibre, so we were super excited to learn of our success. We thank all the builders who supported us and look forward to more industry recognition in the future as we participate in other awards.

Natural gas icon

Can you help connect anything besides new electricity meters?

UtilityOn currently streamlines both temporary and permanent electricity meter connections (plus tracking, management and support services).

If you would like us to help you connect and manage other utilities at your new build sites like natural gas, water or broadband, please register your interest.

Construction icon

Can I request new electricity meters under different company names?

Yes - when requesting a new meter connection, simply register a new company instead of choosing from your existing list.

When registering a new company, you'll need to provide tax and billing details, agree to an MSA (Multi-Site Agreement) and complete a quick credit check.

This only takes a few minutes, then you're good to go -- thanks to the MSA, you only have to do this once per company.

All your connections across all your companies will appear in your dashboard for quick reference and easy management.

Location icon

Where is UtilityOn based?

Our main office address is 3050 Post Oak Blvd, Suite 510, Houston, TX 77056.

Our team mostly works remotely at this point in time, so please get in touch before visiting to ensure someone is there to meet you :-)

Office map

Texas flag map

Can you organise new electricity meter connections outside Texas?

Currently we only operate within Texas.

If you'd like to see our services expand to other states beyond Texas, please let us know.

Key members of our team

UtilityOn was founded by a team with over 13 years’ experience in simplifying new electricity connections for home builders (our previous service handled over 100,000 sites per year).

As a proud member of both the GHBA and DBA, we look forward to helping you save time & money plus reducing delays to your builds..

Please contact us if you'd like to chat.

Ben Rich


Ben co-founded, scaled and managed the acquisition sale of a highly successful tech startup in the energy connections sector.

He's super excited to bring his vision for a next-generation meter request, tracking and management platform to Texas.

Layne Loessin


Layne is a highly respected professional in the Texas retail energy market, with over 20 years' experience.

As an Advisor and Board Director across multiple industries, Layne has a proven track record of growing sustainable, profitable businesses.

Jeremy Pawlak


Jeremy has over 10 years' exerience in marketing and operations in the Texas retail energy sector.

He built and led cross-functional teams at Reliant Energy and was responsible for developing and executing multi-channel marketing & sales strategies.

Tom James


Tom draws on experience in energy startups, Consulting, Enterprise B2B and Geospatial software delivery to guide technology teams & build engineering cultures focused on achieving product vision.

He has worked closely with Ben for nearly 10 years, with Warren for over 5, and Zaymon for 3 years.

Warren Prasek


Warren has worked in digital product design (UX/ UI/ IX) for over 20 years on digital experiences, native apps and responsive SaaS platforms for startups, agencies, and corporates.

His experience spans many industries including search, gaming, social media, insurance, finance, travel, networking, marketing operations, property management and energy connections.

Zaymon Antonio


Zaymon is an Australian software engineer based in Vancouver, Canada.

He has a proven track record in developing digital platforms in the energy space and is dedicated to exploring trade-offs that balance: speed of development, business requirements and user delight.


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