We're obsessed with delivering quick & easy utility connections...

So you can focus on more important work.

So we launched UtilityOn

We offer one simple, consistent process regardless of the utility, and handle all the tedious followup calls while you focus on more important work.

Our Texas-based support team have years of experience in electric meter connections, so we fix any problems quickly and reduce delays to your builds.

Plus you can track and manage all your meters in a simple online dashboard, and your whole team is automatically kept in the loop.

And our award-winning service is FREE in de-regulated areas (90% of Texas sites) because retailers cover our costs, not you.

We can also streamline your connections in Texas regulated areas for $125 per home.If you build exclusively in de-regulated areas we won't charge you any fees.

Our team

We have a small but highly experienced team with years of shared experience across energy connections and technology. This allows us to move fast and stay focused on our core goals.

Previously we have worked closely with several energy retailers to research, design, test, maintain and iterate digital sales solutions for mall kiosks, door-to-door channels, commercial partnerships and more.

This background means we're highly competent in interfacing with the various departments of large corporations including IT, operations, marketing, sales, and legal & compliance.

Ben Rich


Ben co-founded, scaled and managed the acquisition sale of a highly successful tech startup in the Australian energy connections sector. His depth of industry experience and business insight is critical to our strategic integration partnerships.

Layne Loessin


Layne is a highly respected professional in the Texas energy market. With over 20 years experience in retail energy, Layne is an Advisor and Board Director across multiple industries and has a proven track record of growing sustainable, profitable businesses.

Jeremy Pawlak


Jeremy is a highly accomplished B2B and B2C marketer who has built and led cross-functional teams in the Texas retail energy sector. His experience includes developing and executing multi-channel marketing & sales strategies that delivered huge growth in new business revenue.

Tom James


Tom draws on experience in energy startups, Consulting, Enterprise B2B and Geospatial software delivery to guide technology teams & build engineering cultures focused on achieving product vision. Tom has worked closely with Ben for 8 years, and with Warren for 5.

Warren Prasek


Warren has over 20 years' experience in digital product design (UX/ UI/ IX) for SaaS platforms across multiple sectors including search, gaming, social media, insurance, finance, travel, networking, marketing, property and energy connections.

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